The 30 most brutal walker kills on The Walking Dead

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6. Plastic Covered Walkers

Season 6 of The Walking Dead had some pretty brutal walker kills. The first walker kill from season 6 to make the list is when Daryl killed the two plastic tarp covered walkers that killed Tina in “Always Accountable”.

This was the episode where Daryl first encountered Dwight, Sherry and Tina who were on the run from The Sanctuary. First they held Daryl hostage, then he tried to befriend them, and ultimately they ended up robbing him of his bike and crossbow after Tina was killed and they took off.

The plastic covered walkers looked like they were already dead. Tina knew them, and was crouching down in between them in grief when they stirred and attacked her. Daryl ended up having to put down all three of them. Daryl never hesitates to kill walkers. But it was obvious he felt bad about Tina getting killed and having to put her down before she turned.

If things had gone down differently with Tina, Dwight and Sherry then ultimately Glenn and Abe might still be alive. But Tina’s death is a good reminder to always make sure walkers are actually dead before you let your guard down.  Just because they look dead doesn’t mean they are dead. Always make sure.