The 30 most brutal walker kills on The Walking Dead

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The Walking Dead, AMC;Major Dodson as Sam
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5. Walking With Walkers

There was a lot of action in the season 6 midseason finale “No Way Out”. Two of the moments from that episode made it onto the most brutal walker kills list. The first one is the walkers surrounding Jesse, Rick, Sam and Carl as they walked through the herd that invaded Alexandria. Covered in guts and gore they just had to keep going in order to be safe.

But Sam freaked out and the walkers on either side of him attacked him. Rick tried to kill the walkers and save Sam but there were just too many walkers. When they attacked Jesse too he tried to save her by killing the walkers eating her but it was again too late. Then he had to chop off Jesse’s hand because she wouldn’t let go of Carl’s hand and he almost got bitten as well.

Rick gets extra credit for trying to save Jesse and Sam even though they never really had a chance. They were surrounded on all sides by walkers. So once Sam yelled out the walkers immediately turned on them and started to eat them. Rick tried to kill as many as he could but really it was pointless. Nothing was going to save Jesse or Sam at that point.