The 30 most brutal walker kills on The Walking Dead

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4. The Alexandria Slaughter

The second walker killing spree in “No Way Out” also goes down as one of the most brutal. After Rick and Michonne carved their way back to Dr. Denise with the injured Carl they set to work clearing out the community. Alexandria at this point was totally overrun with walkers. But Rick and the others were determined not to run. They were going to clear the walkers and take back their community.

Seeing Rick and Michonne surrounded by walkers methodically killing as many as they could inspired the others to pick up knives and weapons and run outside to help. The entire community stood back to back slaughtering walkers for hours to clear the town. That is both brutal and a beautiful display of devotion to the community and to each other.

Many of the Alexandrians who had never fought before or hadn’t fought much learned a lot about walker killing in that gore fest. Even Eugene stepped up to the plate and did his share of the killing.

Together they took out most of the walkers inside the walls. Daryl, Sasha and Abe showed up with some heavy artillery and took care of the rest. So together the people of Alexandria managed to save their town by engaging in some serious walker slaughtering.