The 30 most brutal walker kills on The Walking Dead

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29. Teddy Bear Girl Walker

The next most brutal walker kill also comes from the series premiere “Days Gone Bye”. Rick is continuing on  his journey towards Atlanta in hopes of finding a refugee center where Carl and Lori might be. He hasn’t seen any other living people in quite some time. As he is looking for gas he hears something. It’s a little girl. He approaches her but when she turns around he sees that she is a walker.

Child walkers are always startling, but this was the first one that fans and Rick saw. When the little girl walker comes after him, holding a teddy bear, he’s not quite sure what to do. Obviously his instinct is to kill it. But he still has some humanity at this point and is reluctant to kill what he sees as a child.

But his instinct for self-preservation kicks in and he shoots her in the head. She falls to the ground and the image of an innocent child shot in the head is graphic and hard to watch. Fans at this point were still trying to wrap their heads around what walkers are and the image of this kill is one that stands out.

Even now that the show is in season 7 and has presented many more graphic deaths the image of the Teddy Bear Girl walker is one that everyone remembers.