The 30 most brutal walker kills on The Walking Dead

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26. Well Walker

When it comes to walker kills that have a visceral impact very of them can match the Well Walker from season 2. In “Cherokee Rose” T-Dog, Glenn, Shane, Dale and Maggie are trying to get a submerged walker out of a well on Hershel’s farm. The walker has been in the water for awhile and looks disgusting.

They group lowers Glenn into the well as bait trying to get a rope around the walker so they can pull it out of the well without ruining the water in the well. But the rope gives way and Glenn almost gets bitten by the walker who becomes frenzied when it realizes there is fresh meat hanging within reach.

As they try to pull it out of the well it splits in half. The lower part splashes back down into the well. But the upper torso of the walker continues trying to attack. It’s bloated and slimey and the walker’s guts are hanging out where the body split in two.

T-Dog kills it pointing out that they would have been off just shooting it in the well and blocking the well up so that no one used the contaminated water. The Well Walker remains one of the grossest walkers that has been created in the show.