The 30 most brutal walker kills on The Walking Dead

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25. Drugstore Walker

In the “Secrets” episode in season 2 Maggie and Glenn head out on another pharmacy run. Lori wants Glenn to get her emergency contraceptives so that she can end her pregnancy and Maggie knows that Hershel needs more antibiotics and other medicines.

At this point Glenn knows about both Lori’s pregnancy and the walkers in the barn where Otis has been putting Hershel’s family members that have turned and other walkers that wander onto the property. He and Maggie get into a discussion about what the walkers really are. Glenn tries to convince her that walkers are dangerous. Maggie thinks, as Hershel does, that they are just sick people.

While they are in the pharmacy a walker attacks Maggie. Glenn rips a shelf down from a wall and uses it to defend Maggie. He nearly severs the head of the walker with the shelf. But the walker gets up and comes at them again because Glenn didn’t damage the walker’s brain.

Glenn takes out his knife and sinks it into the walker’s brain to kill it. Maggie is terrified and angry that she almost died on the pharmacy run. But this is a turning point for Maggie. After surviving a walker attack she finally beings to accept what Glenn said about the walkers. She changes her mind about what they are and accepts that they are not sick people. They are a threat.