The Walking Dead 714: Complete recap of “The Other Side”

Lauren Cohan as Maggie Greene, Katelyn Nacon as Enid - The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 13 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Lauren Cohan as Maggie Greene, Katelyn Nacon as Enid - The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 13 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

The Saviors pay a visit to the Hilltop in this week’s all new episode of The Walking Dead. Here’s your complete episode recap of “The Other Side.”

Maggie surveys the Hilltop and smiles when she sees the work being done. Someone has been making throwing knives and they all go out to practice. Even Enid is a good shot with them. Enid goes with Maggie to her checkup with Dr. Carson and they smile at the ultrasound while Sasha makes a map of the Sanctuary. Later, at night, Enid lays a tray of food out for Maggie as she jots down notes on a pad of paper.

Sasha leads the HIlltoppers in battle training while Maggie and Jesus discuss plans. Sasha visits Abraham’s grave, and later Jesus makes notes while Maggie sleeps at the table. He hands Sasha a revised map of the Sanctuary while Maggie sleeps, but Enid watches, knowing what’s going on.

Daryl works on his knife late at night while Maggie tends to the grill outside her trailer. She brings him a plate of food and pats his shoulder before returning inside. He stops to watch her walk away. Sasha, in the meantime, arranges rocks on the grave and ponders her plan.

Gregory watches the training session outside. He’s out of liquor and he’s angry about that. Outside the window, Rosita arrives at the Hilltop.

Sasha greets Rosita, and it’s the same scene as we saw before. This is where Rosita asks for Sasha’s help, so we have just seen what was happening leading up to that moment.

(Cue the credits. That was an incredibly productive opening scene, very much unlike last week’s very brief introduction)

Maggie apologizes for taking over Jesus’s trailer, but he says he grew up in a group home so he’s used to a lot of people around and he likes having people around him. For the first time, he feels a reason to be around the Hilltop instead of leaving all the time. Sasha overhears Maggie talking to him about trading spears for body armor with the Kingdom. She really wants riot gear.

Sasha has a few bullets hidden away inside a hollowed out book in the trailer. Jesus and Enid come in and find her with the book and she tries to say she was looking for something to read, but Jesus knows better. She tells him she has a gun now, and Jesus knows that Rosita has a plan to kill Negan. He tries to talk Sasha out of going to the Sanctuary without people behind her. Maggie doesn’t know that Rosita is there. Jesus and Enid volunteer to go with Sasha, but Sasha insists that they need to stay to get the Hilltop ready for what happens “after” they kill Negan. Jesus says Sasha owes it to Maggie to talk to her. Jesus leaves, and Sasha says that Maggie trusts Enid and Enid should be there to help Maggie because she’s the future of the place. Sasha gives Enid a bracelet for the baby. Enid tells Sasha she will talk to Maggie in ten minutes, so she can decide what she’s going to do but she will do as Sasha asked.

Just then, the alarm sounds and the Saviors are on their way. Enid grabs Daryl and they go to find Maggie. Rosita and Sasha escape through a hole leading to the other side of the fence. Enid helps Daryl and Maggie to hide. She knows they’re the same ones from Alexandria.

Simon goes into Gregory’s house. He greets Simon and offers him some gin, but Simon likes tequila these days. “I’m an unusual kind of creature,” he says. Simon says they’re not there for a meeting. They’re there to find someone. He won’t tell until Gregory points the offending person out.

Maggie tells Daryl to get away from the door. They hide behind the shelves in the storage room. Rosita and Sasha have made it outside the walls. Maggie had wanted a quick escape, so Sasha made one.

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Rosita hotwires a car while Sasha says she’ll need gas. She looks up and sees Abraham’s necklace on Sasha’s neck. “Like it? I made it,” she says. “Car’s dead.” She stalks off, leaving Sasha to follow her. They continue walking and Sasha asks where she learned to disarm bombs. Rosita doesn’t want to get to know her. Sasha tells Rosita that Jesus said there are some tall buildings with a line of sight and they might be able to shoot from outside. Then they live. Rosita wants to be sure they kill him, and that means going inside. If they kill them, they don’t get another chance. Two Walkers approach and the women kill them quickly. Rosita offers Sasha a way out of the plan but Sasha isn’t interested.

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Enid rushes up to one of the Saviors and says she has veggies, but he tells her not to rush and use the whole word. “Vegetables.” She offers him more and says they can load up the truck, but he only wants her knife, threatening to cut it off her. He sends her away and goes into the cellar where Maggie and Daryl are hiding.

Simon goes into the doctor’s office and verifies that Dr. Harlan Carson is there. He says Negan wants him to move up in the world. Carson wonders why Negan needs two doctors. “We don’t,” Simon says. Dr. Carson realizes his brother pissed someone off and got himself killed. Simon offers his condolences, but he’s also quick to tell Carson that they’re leaving. They don’t need him to pack because they have all the supplies they need at the Sanctuary. Gregory watches him and doesn’t look like he’s happy about this. Simon tells Carson that they have ice cream at the Sanctuary. He also tells Gregory he’s not leaving them high and dry and he reveals a crate full of aspirin.

Gregory wants a word with Simon. He says he’s trying to keep his people’s trust and he’s afraid of people trying to take over. Simon is happy that Gregory has come to him with this concern and he arranges for Gregory to be able to go to the Sanctuary and get in by giving his name. The Hilltop is a good producer and Simon doesn’t want him to be stressed.

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The Savior continues his search of the cellar and he takes a few things outside. Since they aren’t there to look for Daryl, he’s not searching it. He leaves, and Maggie tells Daryl she’s glad he didn’t kill him. Maggie says Daryl hasn’t looked at her or said a word to her since he arrived. “I’m sorry,” he says. He starts crying, and she looks at him with a pained face. “It wasn’t your fault,” he says, but she says he’s wrong. She says Glenn thought Daryl was “one of the good things in this world.” Maggie also wanted to kill that Savior, but she knows they need to fight to win. She hugs Daryl and asks him to help her win.

The Saviors load up their trucks. Dr. Carson is loaded into a truck, too, as the people of the HIlltop come out to watch. Jesus sees him and nods. The trucks start up and drive out.

Rosita and Sasha find a fenced in area full of Walkers. They cut the fence and break out the windows of a nearby car. They set the car on fire and use the fire as a distraction to steal another car from the lot.

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Sasha and Rosita scout the Sanctuary and see Eugene with the Lava Walkers. Sasha rolls her eyes when she sees him. When she tells her that Eugene is there, Rosita immediately thinks he’s playing some angle. Sasha watches her making knots and wants to learn, just in case. Rosita doesn’t think it will matter, but she teaches Sasha anyway. She offers the rope to Sasha and she tries it. Sasha takes a look out the window and watches Eugene while Sasha says they were lucky to have Rosita there helping them to learn new things.

Rosita starts talking about the people who taught her the things she knows. They were people she knew who thought that she needed to be protected, but all along she was learning from them and then she’d leave. The sex, she said, was just for fun because the world was over. When Sasha asks, Rosita says it wasn’t like that with Abraham. Ever. He was different. She says that when they arrived in Alexandria she was acting like things were okay when they weren’t, and he was actually okay there. She thought she hated Sasha, but she’s never told anyone all of that stuff and it was stupid to waste that much time. Sasha is glad she was able to share it. Rosita asks if she was happy, and Sasha says she was.

“It wasn’t his time,” Rosita says, and Sasha agrees. He had to go out fighting and Negan took him out without honor. Sasha pledges that she has Rosita’s back, no matter what. Rosita says she has hers, too.

Sasha takes another look outside and sees the Saviors with Dr. Carson. Negan walks out and stands with Dr. Carson, then he puts his arm around Eugene. Negan is keeping himself blocked in every shot. Suddenly the radio goes off and it’s Eugene giving orders to get supplies, but the orders are from Negan, who Eugene is. That changes their plan.

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Gregory jots down some notes when Jesus enters because Gregory called for him. Gregory thinks Jesus has been cutting back on his scavenging duties. And he thinks the number of people in his trailer is a fire hazard. When Jesus questions him, Gregory says he should be careful about things. Jesus realizes that Gregory threatened him, but he’s interrupted when someone brings in a bottle of tequila. Daryl meets Jesus outside and wants to know where Rosita and Sasha are.

Eugene takes one of the Saviors outside and shows him the fence. The man is shot dead and Rosita and Sasha run up to free him. Eugene cowers, and he says he didn’t ask them to come for him. He doesn’t want to go with them and he runs back inside. That sets their plan into motion faster. Rosita guards the fence while Sasha gets a lock and locks Rosita outside the fence. “It’s not your time,” she says and she goes inside the perimeter, shooting as she goes. Rosita pounds the fence but she turns and runs away. Then she spies someone in the shadows.

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