Walking Dead S07E14 Preview: ‘The Other Side’ – The Future is Now

Walking Dead S07E14 Preview: 'The Other Side' - The Future is Now - Carl - Photo Credit: AMC via Screencapped.net (Uploader: Cass)
Walking Dead S07E14 Preview: 'The Other Side' - The Future is Now - Carl - Photo Credit: AMC via Screencapped.net (Uploader: Cass) /

It’s all about the future now on The Walking Dead. Future this. Future that. Sounds like a one-way mission. Did Carl give permission? Did Judith?

We keep hearing all this banter about the future, Rick himself says ‘it’s not about them anymore’. Then who is it about? Is Rick that old now? Time’s up folks, yesterday’s paper. Carl’s ready to be the man of the house with one good eye while Judith grows up without a father.

Who says the future is guaranteed to be good just because Negan and the Saviors get potentially ousted? Wouldn’t be the first time a regime was overthrown only for a darker, more sinister one to be put in place. Not even the first time in The Walking Dead’s history. At least you more or less know what you’re getting with the Saviors. Did the Wolves go by any rules?

Maybe Alexandria wouldn’t be better off at all with Rick Grimes and crew sacrificing themselves for the greater good. Perhaps a sparkling utopia flourishes through the end of the Saviors. A statue of Rick Grimes is built at the center of Alexandria with people coming to pay respect 200 years from now. Or maybe new factions take the Savior’s place and the struggle for resources continues… Except now Rick isn’t there to defend his family. What seems like a more likely scenario to you?

Remember this famous George Carlin routine about our future?

How about this priceless one about ‘when do we go from being special to not so special’? At what age is it over? Rick, Rosita, Michonne, Sasha, they’re all pretty young and in good fighting health. Are they to see their expiry date simply because younger compadres exist?

At what age in The Walking Dead do you go from being ‘special’ to not soooo special? Negan would probably say it’s when you can no longer provide or provide issue. Even Negan has a soft spot though and let Carl go post-Sanctuary ambush visit.

Walking Dead S07E14 Preview Trailer

The difference from Rick as you can see from the trailer, is Sasha and Rosita’s cause is revenge. Despite others already experiencing consequences at Rosita’s decision making, she still marches on to the same vengeance beat. Unlike Rick Grimes who at least envisions a world free of the saviors for his children to live in. Idealistic, a just cause.

Rosita and Sasha threaten to put everyone in danger for a one-way mission attempt at revenge. Rolling the dice with other people’s lives as collateral. Enid telling Maggie will not change the outcome, just put more of the already depleted crew at risk in a rescue errand. If Carl taught us anything during his tour of Sanctuary, things don’t always work out according to plan.

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It’s time for Rick to count his own life as vital to see his dream being accomplished. No one else will see it through in his wake. Not Michonne or anyone else, they can’t be Rick. Bandaids won’t work, leadership creditability can not be delegated. No Rick, means a void opens for a new Negan to step in. Rick has to take throne for himself, he has to be ‘Negan’ just rule differently. His way. Brings the whole ‘we are all Negan’ quote to a whole different light, doesn’t it? The future is now.

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