When Daryl cries on The Walking Dead everyone cries

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 13 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 13 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

There were a lot of emotional moments in The Walking Dead “ The Other Side” but one of the most emotional was Daryl apologizing to Maggie for getting Glenn killed and her response.

Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead, “The Other Side” revealed a lot about some of the characters. Fans got a lot more of Rosita’s backstory and an emotional exchange between Rosita and Sasha. But one of the most emotional moments was between Maggie and Daryl.

Early in the episode there is a scene where Maggie is grilling some kind of dinner outside the trailer where she, Sasha, Jesus and Enid stay. Daryl is sitting off to the side, by himself, sharpening a knife. It’s obvious he is avoiding Maggie, who leaves him a plate of food and touches him gently on the shoulder.

It’s clear that he still feels enormous guilt and regret for his strike at Negan that got Glenn killed. And it’s heartbreaking. Later in the episode Maggie and Daryl are hiding in a root cellar from The Saviors who have come back to The Hilltop to take Dr. Carson. Daryl is fiercely protective of Maggie and Baby Rhee. He wants to kill a Savior who comes close to finding them but Maggie tells him not to.

After the Savior leaves, not finding them, Maggie gently confronts Daryl about avoiding her. She tells him that he hasn’t said a word to her since he’s been back and asks him to look at her. Daryl does, but breaks. Overcome with guilt he cries and apologizes to her.

Maggie, also emotional, tells Daryl that he is not to blame for Glenn’s death. She tells him that Glenn loved him and thought he was one of the few good things in the bleak world they live in. Then she tells him that she wants all The Saviors to die just like he does. But she tells him that they have to do it right so that they will win. They have to stick to the plan and work with Rick and the others. It was a heartbreaking scene. Watch it here:

Maggie Taking Over At The Hilltop and Gregory’s Death

*Comic spoilers. Be warned*

Maggie has had an extraordinary story arc this season. Maggie has arguably lost more than anyone else in the apocalypse. She lost her stepmother and stepbrother early on. Then Otis and Patricia. Then Hershel. And after that she lost Beth. Now she’s lost Glenn. No one would have been surprised if losing Glenn destroyed her.

But she found strength and purpose because of Baby Rhee. She’s determined to do whatever it takes to keep the last piece of Glenn that she has alive. And she wants to get justice for Glenn and kill Negan and as many of The Saviors as possible. Her becoming the leader at The Hilltop is key to the survivors winning the war against The Saviors.

The people at The Hilltop trust her more than Gregory. They know Gregory is a weak leader who is only looking out for his own interests. And he knows that they prefer Maggie, which is why he’s trying to curry favor with The Saviors. Clearly a showdown between the two is coming.

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Maggie said that she wants to see The Saviors strung up so she can watch them die. In the comics Maggie has Gregory hung after he tries to kill her. Maggie’s comment to Daryl about stringing up The Saviors could be foreshadowing what will happen to Gregory if he tries to kill her on The Walking Dead like he does in the comics.