The Funny Side: Lighter moments from The Walking Dead 714

Simon and Harlan Carson - The Walking Dead 714, AMC
Simon and Harlan Carson - The Walking Dead 714, AMC /

The Walking Dead often is about crying, bloodshed, loss and mourning. It also has its funny moments to break the tension.

It might be a stretch some weeks to find nuggets of joy among the barrage of pain and anguish. March 19’s episode of The Walking Dead titled “The Other Side,” thankfully had a few of those times when you couldn’t help but chuckle.

Here are some of the more light-hearted occasions in episode 714:

1. The Saviors aren’t all that bad. They have ice cream!

Steven Ogg’s Simon is like a collection of every character in the zombie apocalypse. He’s sometimes “nice,” sometimes a real ass, sometimes funny, sometimes condescending and generally acts like he couldn’t care less what you have to say.

On Sunday, he took away the “other Dr. Carson” and lured him with delicious ice cream. He also decided he’s a “tequila man” this week and might be a sweet tea kinda guy the next.

Ogg steals scenes. And his face steals more.

2. “Dr. Eugene Porter … I am Negan…”

This made the episode in a few sentences. Sasha told Rosita to turn on the walkie-talkie after they spotted Eugene (who was carrying his lovable stuffed animal by the way in the photo below) overseeing his #MetalWalker project.

Eugene - The Walking Dead episode 714, AMC
Eugene – The Walking Dead episode 714, AMC /

Eugene was in full BS mode as he instructed The Saviors to get him more walkers and to make sure they’re dead (of course). He rattled on and finished with we’re all Negan, blah, blah, but the delivery was hilarious.

Related note: You can tell he’s enjoying his newfound sense of purpose while also going overboard to pull the wool over Negan’s eyes.

3. Gregory is a weasel but has his moments.

Gregory continued to be Gregory and sucked up to Simon. He also tried to bow up to Jesus, but the bearded one wasn’t having any of that.

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The “leader” of The Hilltop is slimy and often obtuse, but he’s good for a funny line here and there. The latest was when he told Jesus that Maggie and extra people in his trailer was a “fire hazard,” which is the least of anyone’s worries, but still funny.

4. Welcome to the 1800s.

There was a brief scene where men pounded hot irons like it was the Old West. I expected to see Pa Ingalls show up with his glorious full head of hair.

Then we were treated to a throwing competition and Michael Jackson “Bad” kinda knife fights where the winner earned an extra portion of bread at dinner. Yay!

Hopefully whoever has their sights on Negan with a knife at the ready actually throws it unlike Sasha, who didn’t take that shot. At least she was dressed nicely.

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If you found other funny moments (sadly no other bad-CGI deer this week) let us know in comments or hit me up on Twitter @TheBradMilner.