Rick needs to bring Oceanside to the fight on The Walking Dead

Oceanside - The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Oceanside - The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

It’s safe to assume Tara told Rick about Oceanside on The Walking Dead. Oceanside has to give up some of their guns so that Rick can give them to The Scavengers. Will Oceanside agree to help or will they need to take them by force?

Oceanside is going to be the key to the survivors finally being able to start their assault on Negan and The Saviors at The Sanctuary. But the survivors have never been in this position before. Rick can try to convince Natania to join the survivors. But if she says no he will have to take the guns by force.

If that happens it will put the group in a morally questionable position. It won’t be the first time they’ve done morally questionable things. However, they’ve never forcibly stolen from another group. Especially a group that has never attacked them or tried to hurt them.

Rick is a pretty persuasive guy. He gives great speeches. But Natania is going to be hesitant to commit Oceanside to the cause. They’ve got a pretty good setup right now. The Saviors don’t know about them and they are well armed and hidden. Like King Ezekiel she may not want to risk losing what they have to provoke a fight with The Saviors.

They may want to avenge the deaths of all their men and boys. If they do then joining the alliance that’s forming will be a great opportunity for that. But based on what has been seen of Natania so far it’s more likely she will want to stay out of the fight.

Can Tara Swing Oceanside To The Survivors?

Rick may not be the right one to approach Oceanside. Tara might be the key to getting Oceanside on board peacefully. They did try to kill her, but before that they offered to let her stay with them. Obviously that means they must have liked her a bit. Rick might be better off sitting back on this one and letting Tara do the negotiating.

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Tara can be convincing too. And they already responded positively to her plain talking manner once. It would be nice to see Tara get to play an active role in helping the group and take on more of a leadership role. It doesn’t always have to be Rick doing the negotiating. Maggie is stepping into a leadership role at The Hilltop. Maybe since Rick doesn’t want to lead anymore Tara can play a bigger role in the group.

If Oceanside Says No

But, no matter who does the actual negotiating the group may still get an answer of no. If that happens will they be ready to use force to take the guns? They can’t leave Oceanside without those guns. Without more guns The Scavengers won’t help them and they won’t have a chance against Negan and The Saviors.

Time is running out. The situation at The Hilltop is getting dicey. The Kingdom has now lost people because of The Saviors. Negan’s not going to stop tormenting Rick and the others at Alexandria. Rick’s going to have to make a move sooner rather than later.

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The women of Oceanside seem like a smart, organized and well-trained group. It would be sad if Rick needs to use force to take their guns but in this case it would probably be justified. The Saviors threaten all the communities. Taking them down for good is the greater good in the world of The Walking Dead.