Walking Dead Is Becoming Talking Dead: Break Out the Couch

Walking Dead is becoming Talking Dead: Break Out the Couch - Rosita/Sasha Photo Credit: AMC via Screencapped.net (Uploader: Cass)
Walking Dead is becoming Talking Dead: Break Out the Couch - Rosita/Sasha Photo Credit: AMC via Screencapped.net (Uploader: Cass) /

Are we watching The View or a show about zombies? It seems like The Walking Dead is nonstop talk lately with sad background music. Bring on the action!

The Walking Dead has always been somewhat guilty of this but the conversations used to establish the characters. Now it seems to be in the absence of action, throw in an introspective psychology session about each others feelings. Last episode and this season in general, it seems you can’t go one episode without some faux deep, one on one conversation. Full of tears, sad ambience music, character understanding, and declining ratings. Unfortunately. The moment the Sasha/Rosita convo started, the episode might as well have ended, you knew nothing would happen to Negan.

Closinggg Timeee

In the real world, who would want to have any conversation with your significant other’s ex? This ain’t no romance comedy. Also, Rosita decides to open up to the woman who stole her man and is happy they found love together. Bffs now. What is this Oprah? I thought we were watching the gritty apocalypse where stuff goes down. Rosita setting up Sasha would have been realistic, genuine, and believable. Some edge. Instead, it kind of felt like they were ready to drop the whole Negan thing and go home, maybe a girls night out. They were already there at Sanctuary though, so might as well ambush ya know?

All Sasha’s constant badgering to be friends with her deceased boyfriend’s ex looked unnatural. Literally signaling it’s going to be her time to go soon. The way Richard and Morgan talking about Benjamin being ‘too young to raise someone else’ meant something was going to happen. It’s blatantly ominous folks, in more of a spoiler kind of way.

Eugene Says It Best

Is it any surprise the best part of the entire episode was Eugene refusing to leave Sanctuary? Why would he? Dr. ‘Smarty Pants’ is treated like a king at Sanctuary, people respect him. Women respect him. A complete contrast to how Rosita talked down to him. He gets to enjoy stuff he likes now and nobody has but a bad word to say about it. In fact they encourage him to have more, to take more. In return, he just has to do his part. If anything he’s found his place, and Rosita calls him a traitor for not wanting to come live back in the sticks. No thanks.

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The difference is Eugene’s line delivery was direct and to the point, no thank you, go. No heart to heart, no 1 on 1 discussion of the past. No sad dramatic music. It meant more with less words.

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