5 questions remaining after The Walking Dead 714 ‘The Other Side’

Sasha - The Walking Dead 714, AMC
Sasha - The Walking Dead 714, AMC /
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Eugene - The Walking Dead 714, AMC
Eugene – The Walking Dead 714, AMC /

#4. Why wouldn’t Eugene escape?

Eugene is a unique individual. Unlike Daryl, when he had an opportunity to attempt to exit The Sanctuary, he chose not to. He could have squeezed through the fence and made it run back to Alexandria, The Hilltop, or even The Kingdom.

The Sanctuary has already figured out that Eugene can be a huge asset. They’ve given him a fancy room and a position of power that would make many of the established members of The Saviors extremely jealous.

Despite all that, it’s unlikely that Eugene has defected. He may understand that escaping would only anger Negan and his men more and would keep him out of the loop on gaining intel on how they operate as well as get closer to Negan.

Eugene’s move to stay at The Sanctuary might be both selfish and selfless is several ways, but it could be the right call. Until fans learn what his true intentions, it will be hard to make that call definitively either way.