5 questions remaining after The Walking Dead 714 ‘The Other Side’

Sasha - The Walking Dead 714, AMC
Sasha - The Walking Dead 714, AMC /
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Sasha - The Walking Dead 714, AMC
Sasha – The Walking Dead 714, AMC /

#5. What will happen with Sasha?

The final big question involves Sasha. Last time she was seen, she used a zip tie to secure the fence behind her to keep Rosita out of The Sanctuary and attempted to carry out the assault on Negan alone.

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She ran into the building with her guns blazing, but she is definitely out-manned and outgunned on the inside. Odds are that this attack will either have Sasha meeting her end or at the very least captured by The Saviors.

But what if Sasha can actually execute her plan to kill on Negan? That would be an unexpected end to the leader of The Saviors and something than many fans wouldn’t see coming from a mile away.

Sasha has endured a lot of heartbreak and heartache during her travels on the show, so it is fitting that she goes out with her guns blazing. However. her decision to lock Rosita out was reminiscent of Dale using guilt to talk Andrea into leaving the CDC in season 1. Rosita’s response to it not being ‘her time’ will be interesting to watch as well.

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