The Walking Dead season 7: All named character deaths

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Here is a look back at all of the named characters who died during season 7 of AMC’s zombie survival drama series The Walking Dead.

There is no denying that season 7 of The Walking Dead may have been one of the most tragic and emotional in the history of AMC’s zombie survival drama. It also may have raised the bar when it comes to brutality, violence and gore.

Sadly, all those things mean that someone had to have that kind of physicality done to them in order for it to happen. Some of those moments happened to characters fans have grown to love over the years. Others felt like minor victories when Rick’s group was able to exact some revenge.

But no matter what, the bodies piled up during season 7 of The Walking Dead and it got hard to keep track of all of them. For that, a list of all the named characters who met their end during these 16 powerful episodes were assembled in this list, along with some extra information about each one.

Let’s start things off with the first death of season 7…and one that hit many fans hard in episode 701. Of course, that’s the man who Negan chose during playing his game of Eeny Meanie Miney Moe in the woods.