The Walking Dead season 7: All named character deaths

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Emmett Carson - The Walking Dead 711, AMC
Emmett Carson – The Walking Dead 711, AMC /

Emmett Carson

  • Played by: Tim Parati
  • Introduced: Episode 703 ‘The Cell’
  • Died: Episode 711 ‘Hostiles and Calamities’
  • Killed by: Negan – Thrown in furnace

It is a valuable thing in the zombie apocalypse to have a special skill. One of the most valuable is being a medical professional, which is why Dr. Emmett Carson was such an asset to the people of The Sanctuary.

He was sympathetic and always listened to people while helping them with their wounds. That sympathy was eventually turned against him when Dwight pinned the escapes of Sherry and Daryl on him.

After slipping the note from Sherry in his desk and alerting Negan to his suspicions, The Saviors were gathered in front of the furnace. The iron was heated, and it was assumed that he would have his face burned like Dwight and Mark.

Negan shocked everyone when instead of scarring Dr. Carson for life, he threw him head first into the furnace. Later on, Negan sent Simon to get Emmett’s brother from The Hilltop to replace him as the medical professional for The Sanctuary.