The Walking Dead season 7: All named character deaths

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Benjamin - The Walking Dead 713, AMC
Benjamin – The Walking Dead 713, AMC /


  • Played by: Logan Miller
  • Introduced: Episode 702 ‘The Well’
  • Died: Episode 713 ‘Bury Me Here’
  • Killed by: Jared of The Saviors, blood loss after being shot

It’s never a good sign on AMC’s zombie drama when a minor character is optimistic, helpful, and starts getting a backstory. That’s how fans likely knew that Benjamin wasn’t long for The Kingdom or The Walking Dead.

Benjamin did when he could to fight for those he cared for. He was an example to his younger brother, had a love interest, and was always looking for ways to help the community or become a better person himself.

He had asked Carol to teach him some walker killing techniques, but she didn’t want to put him in danger and told him to go on the The Kingdom’s drop for The Saviors. Things got messy when Richard’s plan to get war started resulted in Benjamin getting shot in the leg.

Despite being rushed to Carol’s house, Benjamin ended up bleeding out on her table. His death was a big wake-up call to The Kingdom and a huge blow to their future going forward. It also inspired Carol to approach Ezekiel about joining the fight.