The Walking Dead season 7: All named character deaths

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Richard - The Walking Dead 713, AMC
Richard – The Walking Dead 713, AMC /


  • Played by: Karl Makinen
  • Introduced: Episode 702 ‘The Well’
  • Died: Episode 713 ‘Bury Me Here’
  • Killed by: Morgan Jones

On the surface, it was easy to dislike Richard. He was abrasive and bold, but he was only doing what was best to care for those he loved. After losing his wife and daughter, he pledged his allegiance to King Ezekiel at The Kingdom.

Richard also didn’t like being controlled by The Saviors. He wanted to fight back, but never took too much of a bold stance on it until Rick Grimes approached Ezekiel about partnering to take on Negan and his men.

After Ezekiel refused to fight, Richard tried to initiate war by using Carol as a pawn, but was stopped by Daryl. Then, he tried to make the drop light for The Saviors and force The Kingdom to arrive late, but that backfired as well and caused Benjamin’s death.

He had dug his own grave thinking that he would be killed for his part in the drop not working out with The Saviors, but ended up there after Morgan killed him in front of The Saviors and revealed his entire plan in order to gain the trust of Negan’s men.