The Walking Dead season 7: All named character deaths

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David - The Walking Dead 715, AMC
David – The Walking Dead 715, AMC /


  • Played by: Martinez
  • Introduced: Episode 704 ‘Service’
  • Died: Episode 715 ‘Something They Need’
  • Killed by: Negan – Stabbed in neck

David hasn’t made a great impression on fans any time that he was on the television screen. His interaction with Enid regarding balloons automatically made him look creepy, but little did they know that he was just getting started.

Negan doesn’t always like to delegate duties. However, he likes to put people in charge when dealing with new arrivals or captives at The Sanctuary. Dwight got Daryl. Laura was assigned to Eugene. And David was chosen for Sasha.

Inside the cell, David got really creepy with Sasha. He stroked her face, and made inappropriate comments as well as actions. Thankfully, Negan appeared on the scene and took over the situation.

Nicknaming him ‘Rapey Davey’, Negan put his massive knife right through David’s neck. He left the knife for Sasha to decide whether to take her own life or stab it through David’s head not to turn. Sasha eventually finished off David, whose corpse was removed from the cell by The Saviors.