The Walking Dead season 7: All named character deaths

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Sasha Williams

  • Played by: Sonequa Martin-Green
  • Introduced: Episode 308 ‘Made To Suffer’
  • Died: Episode 716 ‘The First Day of the Rest of Your Life’
  • Killed by: Self – suicide pill

When it comes to loss, it doesn’t get much more devastating than what has happened to Sasha since she was introduced in season 3 of The Walking Dead. Every time she got close to someone, they ended up dead.

Sasha lost her friends, brother Tyreese, love interest Bob, boyfriend Abraham, and many other traveling companions. All that hurt and pain led her to break down several times, eventually going on a suicide mission inside The Sanctuary to kill Negan to get revenge for Abraham’s death.

Rather than killing Sasha, The Saviors took her captive in a cell. Negan gave her the option of joining his side of the war or killing herself in the cell. She chose to side with Negan, but decided to try to manipulate Eugene to get a weapon to finish her mission to kill the leader of The Sanctuary.

Eugene didn’t give her a weapon. Instead, since she said she wanted to commit suicide, he gave her one of the pills he made for Negan’s wives. Trapped in the cell with no way out in sight, she took the pill and turned into a walker, eventually attacking Negan.