The Walking Dead season 7: All named character deaths

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Abraham. The Walking Dead.
Abraham. The Walking Dead. /

Abraham Ford

  • Played by: Michael Cudlitz
  • Introduced: Episode 410 “Inmates”
  • Died: Episode 701 “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be”
  • Killed by: Negan using his bat Lucille

The first kill of season 7 was a big one. Abraham may not have been the most loveable or cuddly character on the show, but his toughness, fun sayings, and no-nonsense way of holding himself made him one of the most capable survivors on the AMC zombie drama.

His catchphrases like “Who’s Deanna?” and “Motherd**k” endeared him to fans, but his complicated relationship with Rosita and his disputes with Eugene helped him become an intricate and interesting character who only developed more when wanting to explore a love interest in Sasha.

Abraham’s death was more of a sacrifice than a loss. In fact, he may have persuaded Negan to choose him in the lineup because of his posturing and attitude when looking death (and Lucille) in the eye.

While Abraham was “taking it like a champ”, fans definitely weren’t. They weren’t quite ready to say goodbye to one of the most entertaining characters on the show and one heck of a badass.