The Walking Dead season 7: All named character deaths

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Glenn Rhee - The Walking Dead, AMC
Glenn Rhee – The Walking Dead, AMC /

Glenn Rhee

  • Played by: Steven Yeun
  • Introduced: Episode 101 (voice) “Days Gone Bye”/Episode 102 (seen) “Guts”
  • Died: Episode 701 “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be”
  • Killed by: Negan using his bat Lucille

When a character has been with a show as long as Glenn has, fans get very attached. In fact, Glenn was first heard in the series premiere where he helped Rick Grimes escape a sticky situation involving a tank and walkers in Atlanta and helped to reunite him with his wife and daughter.

Glenn’s evolution on The Walking Dead was a beautiful one. He went from risking his life on a regular basis for the group to being a valuable asset and leader to the group of survivors. Much of that transformation had to do with his relationship with the farmer’s daughter: Maggie Greene.

Maggie’s love for Glenn gave fans hope for the future. Although they got separated many times in the past and endured several close calls, the two always found their way back to each other. Things got even more beautiful for the couple when Maggie found out she was pregnant with his baby.

Sadly, all good things come to an end. After Daryl jumped out of line during the season 7 premiere, Negan took it out on Glenn. In one of the most brutal beatdowns in the show’s history, Glenn’s death hit fans hard and forever changed the future of the AMC drama.