The Walking Dead season 7: All named character deaths

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George - The Walking Dead 707, AMC
George – The Walking Dead 707, AMC /

George and Chris

  • Played by: Brian F. Derkin and Ricky Russert
  • Introduced: Episode 707: ‘Sing Me A Song’ / 703: ‘The Cell’
  • Died: Episode 707: ‘Sing Me A Song’
  • Killed by: Carl Grimes

When Carl left The Hilltop in the back of one of The Saviors’ trucks, he was hoping to get a shot at Negan. However, when he arrived at The Sanctuary, he got a lot more than he bargained for when Negan’s men were all around him.

Using an automatic rifle, Carl sprayed at everyone who was near the opening of the truck. While he didn’t manage to hit Negan, he was able to take some of his men in the process and make a grand entrance to The Sanctuary.

After he was done shooting, it was revealed that he had killed two members of The Saviors, George and Chris. These two men were earlier seen talking about the system of explosives being used by Fat Joey to deter the walkers from coming near the home of The Saviors.

Chris was actually first seen in episode 703 as one of the individuals who surrounded Daryl Dixon when he attempted to escape from The Sanctuary the first time. He referred to himself as ‘Negan’ and then joined in the beatdown on Daryl.