The Walking Dead season 7: All named character deaths

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Fat Joey - The Walking Dead 708, AMC
Fat Joey – The Walking Dead 708, AMC /

Fat Joey

  • Played by: Joshua Hoover
  • Introduced: Episode 703: ‘The Cell’ 
  • Died: Episode 708: ‘Hearts Still Beating’
  • Killed by: Daryl Dixon

When it comes to the zombie apocalypse, there is definitely a downside to being in the wrong place at the wrong time. That is something that Fat Joey learned the hard way inside the walls of The Sanctuary.

Daryl Dixon had been slipped a note and given a chance to escape from the home of The Saviors and took that opportunity to get out. However, he was met by the vehicles by Fat Joey, who was enjoying a sandwich on his break.

Joey put his hands up in surrender and said that he would allow Daryl to leave if he wanted, but that wasn’t good enough. Using a metal pipe, Daryl smashed his head in and left him dead as he rode away from the compound.

Fat Joey was also an expert when it came to explosives and used several plans to keep walkers away. Even Negan himself said some kind words about the passing of ‘Joseph’ over the walkie-talkie during his eulogy.