The Walking Dead season 7: All named character deaths

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Spencer Monroe - The Walking Dead 708, AMC
Spencer Monroe – The Walking Dead 708, AMC /

Spencer Monroe

  • Played by: Austin Nichols
  • Introduced: Episode 513 ‘Forget’
  • Died: Episode 708 ‘Hearts Still Beating’
  • Killed by: Negan – disemboweled

‘Complicated’ is an understatement when it comes to describing Spencer. He was the final survivor of his family who had all been making Alexandria their home before the arrival of Rick Grimes and his group.

Because of that, Spencer seemed to hold Rick personally responsible for many of the deaths that happened and the struggles that Alexandria were experiencing on a regular basis. Things got even worse when Rick gave in to Negan and Spencer disagreed with the move.

Spencer decided that he would go to Negan and attempt to put himself into power in the community. He talked about how his family used to run the place and he would be easier to deal with than Rick as a leader.

Negan didn’t quite appreciate that move. Instead, he saw the move as cowardly and used a knife to cut open his abdomen and spill his insides all over the street of Alexandria. Afterwards, Rick used a knife to finish off the zombified version of Spencer.