The Walking Dead season 7: All named character deaths

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Olivia - The Walking Dead 708, AMC
Olivia – The Walking Dead 708, AMC /


  • Played by: Ann Mahoney
  • Introduced: Episode 512 ‘Remember’
  • Died: Episode 708 ‘Hearts Still Beating’
  • Killed by: Arat – Shot in head

As the person in charge of keeping inventory over everything in Alexandria, Olivia took her job seriously. Not only did she overwatch all the food in the community, but she also kept track of every weapon in the armory.

While she was a soft-spoken member of the community, that doesn’t mean she was a doormat. She always stood up for herself or was winning to tell people when something they were doing was wrong.

Sadly, that kind of attitiude may be what got her killed. After Rosita took an ill-advised shot at Negan with her pistol, the leader of The Saviors punished the community by talking Eugene away from Alexandria and telling Arat to choose someone to kill.

It didn’t seem to take Arat long to decide who she wanted dead. With a quick motion, Arat pulled her weapon and shot Olivia right in the forehead, dropping her to the ground as she was standing right next to Carl Grimes.