Premiere date for Fear The Walking Dead season 3 revealed

Nick Clark and Luciana - Fear The Walking Dead, AMC
Nick Clark and Luciana - Fear The Walking Dead, AMC /

Season 3 of AMC’s zombie survival drama series Fear The Walking Dead was given a released date during the April 2, 2017 edition of Talking Dead.

Fans of AMC’s zombie shows will be sad to know that there will be a break between the season 7 finale of The Walking Dead and the season 3 premiere of Fear The Walking Dead, but at least they won’t be waiting for long.

The date that the companion series will make its return to AMC was revealed during the episode of Talking Dead where they discussed the season 7 finale of their flagship program. And that date is sooner than many fans were thinking.

Chris Hardwick was the one to release the information regarding the official return date, which was revealed to be June 4, 2017.

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Of course, there is a lot to be excited about when the show returns. Nick Clark is dealing with a situation at the border where Luciana has been shot, making that entire scenario a messy one.

On the other hand, Madison, Travis, and Alicia are trying to reunite with Nick by following the clues left behind. And Ofelia was wandering the desert alone to return to the United States, only to be found by an armed man.

The border between the United States and Mexico will likely be one of the hottest topics of the summer on AMC’s zombie survival drama companion series, and it should make for an excellent viewing for fans.

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All this and more will be explored when Fear The Walking Dead returns on June 4, 2017 to AMC. Hopefully, it can continue the excellent pacing and storytelling that season 2 established while adding more drama and intrigue to the story.