5 questions we have after The Walking Dead season 7 finale

Jadis and Negan - The Walking Dead, AMC
Jadis and Negan - The Walking Dead, AMC /
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Negan and The Saviors - The Walking Dead, AMC
Negan and The Saviors – The Walking Dead, AMC /

#5. Can The Saviors numbers and firepower be beat?

Oh wow. The first thought was that Alexandria, The Hilltop, and The Kingdom stood a great chance of beating The Saviors when they held off Negan and his men during their first battle in the season 7 finale.

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However, when it was shown how big the army of soldiers for The Saviors was compared to those fighting for the survivors, the hopes of Rick and his group winning the fight against Negan’s army didn’t seem as likely.

It will take a lot of teamwork and technique to overcome the odds. With so many soldiers and an abundance of weapons, it seems overwhelming for any group to attempt to defeat, even with great soldiers in their group and heart on their side.

Things get even more complicated if The Saviors have The Scavengers on their side, but even without their help, Negan has accumulated a huge army that is dangerous enough to scare most groups into submission without even going to war.

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