The Walking Dead: Fun things we learned about Shiva on Twitter

Shiva. The Walking Dead. AMC
Shiva. The Walking Dead. AMC /

Shiva had a big week. She made a grand entrance during the season 7 finale of The Walking Dead. We also learned some fun things about her on Twitter.

King Ezekiel’s tiger Shiva hadn’t done much in The Walking Dead other than accompany the King and lounge on the porch during season 7 until she made a spectacular entrance in the finale, saving the day.

Now the world wants to know more about the magnificent creature. Twitter has been buzzing with questions, photos and information about the beautiful tiger.

Before the finale even aired, Walker Stalker Con Atlanta announced that Shiva would be a guest! They made that announcement on April 1st! Other announcements on April 1st were Pickle Jar and Glenn’s Eye!

After her big appearance in the finale, everyone wanted behind the scenes information about the actor’s grand entrance and if she used a stunt tiger. Chandler Riggs tweeted a great photo shedding some light on Shiva’s stunt double who looks just like her.

Actor Miguel Insignares was the poor Savior who was eaten by Shiva. Miguel was not as enamored with Shiva as the rest of us. His wishes for Shiva are a little different from ours. The hashtags tell the story. #suckitshiva  #peptobismol

Other fans had questions about how Shiva knew which people to attack. I would guess that a tiger has instincts and can sense fear and aggression. Some of Twitter had some good guesses, but Khary Payton cleared up the issue.

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I hope Shiva can handle all the spotlight. She is going to get recognized everywhere this summer. No word yet whether she will be part of the panel for San Diego Comic Con in July. Rest well, Shiva before filming starts for season 8!