The Walking Dead: ‘We’re going to war’ scene at the end of the finale

Negan. The Walking Dead. AMC.
Negan. The Walking Dead. AMC. /

Season 7 of The Walking Dead set up war. The declarations of war at the Sanctuary and at Alexandria were highlighted in the last scenes.

The season 7 finale of The Walking Dead was packed with action and emotion. The final scenes in the finale showed the declarations of war as we listened to Maggie give a heartfelt tribute to Glenn and to the entire family.

It was easy to get swept up in Maggie’s voice and lulled into the most dramatic music I remember ever being used on The Walking Dead during those last moments and just relax into the gentle finish.

On Monday morning, one of our loyal Undead Walking followers posted this insightful parallel on Twitter that made me think about the final scenes in a new way. Of course, the tribute to Glenn and the family was important, but there were subtle visual clues about the war that were just as important in those scenes.

Those images tell a huge story. The first thing I thought to tell Linda was:  numbers vs. heart.

At the Sanctuary, Negan is so far above the Saviors. He is in charge.  They are listening to him and following his orders. They are not there to participate in the discussion. Negan and Negan alone makes the decisions. They are there to receive their instructions. And their instructions are simple: We’re going to war.

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In Alexandria, there is a make-shift stage, but not to make the leaders seem more important, but rather to help the people to see their leaders and hear them. There are 3 leaders. Each community has a representative.

We don’t hear the words that are being said because the voice-over is Maggie’s tribute speech, but we do see that the words are more than just, “We’re going to war.” And we see that each leader is speaking.

We see by the body language of the people listening to Rick, Ezekiel and Maggie that they are interested in what is to come. They want to know what their leaders have to say. They want to know what they can do to help. They aren’t just receiving orders. They are waiting for inspiration.

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Watching these 2 scenes while listening to Maggie, we believe that we can win this war. We can look at our small group of unlikely soldiers preparing to fight the huge group of vicious warriors that we watched beat us down and humiliate us and say, “Bring it on!”