Top 10 Walking Dead Betrayals: From Shane to Jadis, We Look Back

Dwight and Sherry on The Walking Dead - Photo Credit: AMC via (Uploader: Cass)
Dwight and Sherry on The Walking Dead - Photo Credit: AMC via (Uploader: Cass) /
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Ron Anderson - Photo Credit: AMC via (Uploader: Raina)
Ron Anderson – Photo Credit: AMC via (Uploader: Raina) /

5) Ron Betrays Carl

Can you blame the guy? Put aside personal attachment and side taking to Rick and his family after watching their perspective for multiple seasons. Rick arrived in Alexandria, ended his father’s life took his mom as his new girlfriend after doing so. Ron originally befriended Carl, only to have Carl steal away his girlfriend Enid. Ron’s father was a bad guy, hitting both him and his mom Jessie so there was already damage done to his psyche. Then Rick was unable to save Jessie and his brother Sam during a walker horde on Alexandria… Add all these ingredients up and it was completely inevitable.

Without his mother Jessie Anderson in play or even his brother Sam, there was nothing more keeping Ron from a revenge attempt. Who else would it be than Carl? The son of the man who ended his father’s life and stole his love interest Enid. Ron would take a shot at Carl in the middle of absolute mayhem in Alexandria. Carl would end up losing an eye from the incident with his former friend. A fact he still struggles in shame with to this very day on The Walking Dead.

Though Carl ultimately survived, you could say Ron permanently marked him both physically and emotionally. You saw Carl reduced back to a childhood state when Negan asked him to remove the bandage and remarked on his lost eye. He’s not over it, and he never will be. As no one would and not just in The Walking Dead.

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