Elizabeth Ludlow talks about Arat, The Walking Dead finale, and all out war

Elizabeth Ludlow as Arat - The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 16 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Elizabeth Ludlow as Arat - The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 16 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

The Walking Dead’s Elizabeth Ludlow talks about the season 7 finale and what’s ahead when All Out War begins between Negan and The Saviors and the other communities.

There were a lot of surprises in The Walking Dead season finale. Sasha made the ultimate sacrifice and killed herself so that she would turn into a walker and possibly be able to take Negan out that way. And Maggie led The Hilltop into Alexandria just in time to help Rick and the others fight back.

Negan almost Lucilled Carl, and would have maimed Rick if The Kingdom hadn’t shown up and if Shiva hadn’t attacked Negan just as he was raising Lucille to swing at Carl’s head.

Throughout the chaos going on in Alexandria during The Walking Dead finale The Saviors fought on, seemingly unfazed by the rapid turn of events. The Saviors ultimately retreated from Alexandria to regroup at Sanctuary while Negan assessed what had happened and started to make a plan for war.

Elizabeth Ludlow, who plays Negan’s lieutenant Arat, talked to UW about the events of the finale and what’s coming next for The Saviors now that all out war is here.

On The Communities Fighting Back

When asked if The Saviors were thrown off balance when The Hilltop and The Kingdom joined the fight at Alexandra she said The Saviors were surprised by Shiva but not by the additional fighters. She pointed out that Negan is a methodical leader. So he probably would have briefed the head Saviors like Arat thoroughly before heading to Alexandria.

He took a day to gather his resources and make a plan before he went to Alexandria to confront Rick. It’s reasonable to think he probably made sure that The Saviors were ready for anything to go down at Alexandria. Except Shiva, that was a surprise.

Negan’s elaborate plan to reveal Sasha in the coffin also had The Saviors in formation to back him up. Negan’s not stupid. He didn’t anticipate some of the things that happened but he doesn’t underestimate Rick. He wouldn’t face off with Rick if he wasn’t sure The Saviors were battle ready.

She also said that The Saviors are not intimidated at all by the new alliance between the communities. The Saviors still have superior firepower and resources. And if The Scavengers keep fighting with The Saviors then The Saviors will still have superior numbers too.

Are The Saviors Ready For War?

Rick and the other survivors are prepared for war, but are The Saviors ready for a drawn out war with the other communities? Ludlow says absolutely The Saviors are ready to fight, and win. They’re not a group of survivors who have never held guns before like some of the Alexandrians. They’re a well trained and equipped fighting force so they’re ready to take on the other communities.

She also said that as someone who has risen up through ranks of The Saviors Arat is ready to lead The Saviors into battle. Killing is a part of that world that no one can escape. So, if it’s necessary to kill to keep what they have built Arat is ready to kill. Unlike Dwight, who has turned on Negan, Arat is fully loyal to Negan and her fellow Saviors.

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Hopefully we will see more of Arat in season 8 when all out war between Team Family and The Saviors kicks into high gear on The Walking Dead. In the meantime you can meet Elizabeth at these cons over the spring and summer:

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