What is The Walking Dead about as we move toward Season 8?

Oceanside Walkers. The Walker Dead. AMC.
Oceanside Walkers. The Walker Dead. AMC. /

With The Walking Dead moving toward its 8th season, the show is undergoing lots of change. What keeps fans tuning in every week?

When The Walking Dead premiered, Rick Grime woke up in a hospital and realized that civilization as he knew it was gone. The dead had risen and were walking around, preying upon the living.

Over the past seven seasons, the show has taken Rick and his band of survivors through quests to find shelter, attempts to build communities, and it has shown us the darker side of humanity. Above all, though, The Walking Dead has been about survival.

As we move toward the show’s eighth season, the Walkers are less threatening because the survivors have adapted. They know how to deal with them. Now the survivors are faced with a bigger challenge: Other people.

The Walking Dead is starting to shift as the survivors form communities. “Survival” these days means trying to defend communities from bullies like the Saviors. The Walkers aren’t necessarily the biggest threat anymore, though giant herds will always be an issue.

With all of this in mind, I recently read a comment online that said that The Walking Dead focused too much of Season 7 on relationships, and that this is the wrong direction for the show. It’s an interesting thought, and I want to hear from you, the readers, as to what you think about the evolution of the show.

My thought is that The Walking Dead has always been about relationships, but in the early seasons it was about protecting loved ones and now that it’s safe enough to build communities, people are able to build relationships.

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As the future seasons of the show unfold, the story will change but it will always be about survival and people finding a way to rebuild after the Walkers took over.

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