5 fan questions about The Walking Dead answered for April 15, 2017

Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead, AMC
Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead, AMC /
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Heath - The Walking Dead, AMC
Heath – The Walking Dead, AMC /

Sadly, Heath’s disappearance from AMC’s zombie survival series will likely remain a mystery for a long time. And, until then, he will likely not be mentioned on television. But there will be some resolution to this storyline in the future, whether he was captured, ran away, or was killed.

I do anticipate Heath to not be a happy guy when (or if) he returns. Prior to his exit, he was talking with Tara about how he didn’t feel like part of the group and Rick’s group took over Alexandria with little care for the people who were already there.

This incident proves him right, and he will have every right to be bitter if he returns to the show.