5 fan questions about The Walking Dead answered for April 15, 2017

Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead, AMC
Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead, AMC /
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Judith - The Walking Dead, AMC
Judith – The Walking Dead, AMC /

Judith was removed from the fighting in Alexandria. She was at The Hilltop, even being involved in a scene with Jesus, Maggie, and Enid. However, both those characters were seen at Alexandria, so it must be assumed that someone else from The Hilltop was keeping an eye on her.

Still, Becca makes a great point. Whoever was likely put in charge of watching after her was someone trusted in The Hilltop, but wasn’t a really valuable fighter. My guess is that it was Bertie, who was excited to help out the community, but wasn’t seen at the fight. (UPDATE: It turns out Bertie WAS at the fight, just concealed by Jesus’ hair. So it wasn’t her watching Judith…)

However, that is just a guess and the actual identity of the individual looking after Judith is unknown.