5 fan questions about The Walking Dead answered for April 22, 2017

Simon and The Saviors - The Walking Dead, AMC
Simon and The Saviors - The Walking Dead, AMC /
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Eugene Porter - The Walking Dead, AMC
Eugene Porter – The Walking Dead, AMC /

#3. What about the bullet schematics?

Sue Thompson on Facebook “Before they met Negan in the woods, Eugene gave Rick a paper with instructions to make ammo then drove away in the RV, hoping to help the group. Why has rick not used this info to help kill off the saviors??? Did he lose it or forget about it?????”

Strangely, yes. I do think that it was one of the last things on his mind. Even though it was a big gesture for Eugene to pass it along to Rick, gathering the weapons for The Scavengers by any means necessary was his primary focus.

Plus, the process is kind of intimidating. Odds are that even though they knew how to do it, some of the people of Alexandria may not feel comfortable trying to replicate the process since it is so technical.

On the other hand, the reason Negan hasn’t used this ability is odd as well. Perhaps they are so well stocked on ammunition that it isn’t a necessity, but it will eventually become something each community needs…both of them are dropping the ball on creating ammunition.