5 fan questions about The Walking Dead answered for April 22, 2017

Simon and The Saviors - The Walking Dead, AMC
Simon and The Saviors - The Walking Dead, AMC /
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Morgan Jones - The Walking Dead, AMC
Morgan Jones – The Walking Dead, AMC /

#4. Are The Whiperers coming in season 8?

Ever since Morgan spoke of seeing “people wearing dead people’s faces” there has been people discussing when a group of survivors called “The Whisperers” would be making their appearance on the hit AMC zombie drama.

Multiple websites continue to make teases about their arrival, but fans hoping to get a glimpse of Alpha and The Whisperers could be waiting a lot longer than they anticipate, as the story is still a considerable time away according to the comics.

However, that doesn’t mean the show will continue to follow the comics timeline. There is a chance the group will be introduced at the end of All Out War and teased at the end of season 8 to get people excited for season 9.

Still, this is unlikely. The season 8 finale should be the ‘time jump’ that everyone has been mentioning, meaning that introducing an important group like The Whisperers at that time would have a really strange feeling, especially if they interact with another community.

In short, odds are that fans will need to wait until season 9 to see this group…but it will be well worth the time.