Walking Dead Themed Pub ‘Survive’ to Open in Edinburgh, Scotland

Walking Dead Themed Pub ' Survive' to Open in Edinburgh, Scotland - Photo Credit: The Popup Geeks (used with Permission)
Walking Dead Themed Pub ' Survive' to Open in Edinburgh, Scotland - Photo Credit: The Popup Geeks (used with Permission) /

A Walking Dead themed pop-up bar is opening up over in Edinburgh, Scotland! Courtesy of The Pop Up Geeks, the SURVIVE pub opens on May 3rd!

You ever wanna grab a drink with The Walking Dead? Well, if you live over in Scotland, now you can! The Pop Up Geeks, who were previously behind Game of Thrones inspired pub Blood & Wine are taking their talents over to the other side of the realm. Aptly named SURVIVE, the new pop-up bar is set to open in Edinburgh on May 3rd and be available every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (4pm – 12am, all days).

Keep in mind this is a limited time engagement, running through only to June 29th at the moment. If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead and novelty, better get there first while you can! Relive season 2’s Nebraska episode where Rick and Hershel grabbed some brews all over again.

SURVIVE Pub Address: Six Degrees North24 Howe St, Edinburgh EH3 6TG

First Look at Walking Dead inspired SURVIVE Pub

The Pop Up Geeks have already posted some Teaser tweets to get us excited over the project. Take a look at your next favorite bartender:

Better tip her well folks, or she might just leap over that counter. Making you next. What better way to enjoy your drink than with a customary Negan cup!

Just take a look at the Negan bat cup. It’s practically like you’re drinking right out of Lucille’s well of shattered dreams. A couple of ice cubes on the house to cool them down, or as Eugene would say, slow your roll. Cool those jets, and just remember ‘you’re Negan, we’re all Negan’.

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Scotland locals, don’t forget to check out Edinburgh’s first Walking Dead inspired pub SURVIVE starting May 3rd through June 29th.

Note: Keep in mind that the pub is not affiliated with AMC, Robert Kirkman or The Walking Dead’s TV or comic series in any way. It’s a passion project started by fans for fans.

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Catch up on the latest SURVIVE bar photos on The Pop Up Geeks’ Instagram and Twitter accounts.