The Walking Dead’s Negan is top choice for BBQ guest

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan, Austin Nichols as Spencer Monroe, The Walking Dead -- AMC
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan, Austin Nichols as Spencer Monroe, The Walking Dead -- AMC /

When asked about whether The Walking Dead’s Negan or Rick would be more fun at a pre-apocalypse barbeque, Undead Walking followers voiced their opinions.

Imagine hosting a backyard barbeque before The Walking Dead zombie apocalypse. You invite your friends and family, and you have the choice to either invite Rick or Negan. Both would be in their pre-apocalyptic forms. Who do you choose?

After a full day of thinking about it, the Undead Walking Twitter Family submitted their votes, and it looks like Negan is the preferred barbeque guest over Rick. Whether it’s his charming personality, debonair swagger, or his sharp wit, Negan seems to be the one fans would want to hang out and have a beer with.

Speaking strictly from the show’s universe and not the comics or the Image magazine that tells us about Negan’s backstory, those of us who are show purists don’t know a lot about Negan’s background. Aside from smashing skulls, gutting people, ironing faces, and throwing people into furnaces, well, he seems like a pretty cool guy. Right?

It’s safe to assume that Negan, like the Governor and Gareth, was a normal guy before the zombie apocalypse. In spite of all of the awful things we have watched him do during the show, he was probably a pretty good dude before the Walkers showed up. Negan would probably be the life of your backyard party if not for the zombie apocalypse.

Rick received a lot of votes, though, and I’m sure he would have been fun to hang out with, but in a different way. He was a sheriff before the Walkers arrived, so you can’t exactly let loose when the sheriff is there with you.

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What do you think, Negan or Rick? Which character from The Walking Dead would you rather have at your pre-apocalyptic barbeque?