Where in the world of The Walking Dead would you want to live?

Negan and The Saviors - The Walking Dead, AMC
Negan and The Saviors - The Walking Dead, AMC /

Now that the world of The Walking Dead has grown in season 7, have you given any thought to where you’d like to live if you were forced to choose?

The world of The Walking Dead has been growing steadily since season 6. There are now several different communities that have become home to Rick’s group, and each community has its own unique personality.

When we asked Undead Walking’s fans about which community they would choose to live in if they found themselves in the world of The Walking Dead, and Alexandria won in a landslide. Here’s a look at the results:

Alexandria: 28

Kingdom: 17

Sanctuary: 7

Hilltop: 2

Terminus (write-in vote): 1

Scavengers: 0

It’s really hard to believe that no one wanted to go live with Jadis and the Heapsters, but such is life, I suppose.

There were several voters who preferred staying with Rick in Alexandria because he will be able to offer safety, and Alexandria is by far the most comfortable of all of the communities. The Kingdom had many things going for it: Shiva, a great leader, and cobbler. The cobbler was a huge factor in many of the votes.

Are you surprised to see the Sanctuary ranked higher than the Hilltop? There are quite a few Negan fans out there, but there are some people who believe that it’s safer at the Sanctuary than it is anywhere else.

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The Hilltop is a nice agrarian community, but clearly Gregory gets most of the creature comforts in the big house while everyone else is stuck in trailers. While the Hilltop is much better than living in the forest out in the open, it’s nothing like the Alexandria safe zone.

Let’s keep the conversation going! Which community would you choose? Let us know!