Fear the Walking Dead hits Las Vegas in a new attraction


A new attraction based on Fear the Walking Dead is planned in an unlikely spot. But hey, the Walkers might feel at home in this new location.

When you think of Las Vegas, Fear the Walking Dead might not be the first thing that comes to mind — until now. A new attraction based on Fear the Walking Dead is getting a permanent home on Sin City’s famous Fremont Street, and it might be perfect.

Montreal-based Triotech, makers of Legoland California’s Ninjago ride and other pop-up attractions around the world, don’t have specific plans for what the new attraction will look like. Work began on the space this past week with the goal of a July opening. The new attraction will be housed at the end of Fremont Street near the Walgreens and the entrance to the Slotzilla zipline attraction.

Universal Studios has a year-round walkthrough attraction based on The Walking Dead, and its popularity suggests that the Las Vegas venture based on The Walking Dead’s companion show will be just as popular. The only possibly issue is having an attraction that could scare people in a place where alcohol is flowing freely. I’m sure the folks at Triotech will be mindful of how their attraction should function with so many inebriated people coming through on a regular basis.

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I love Las Vegas and I love the unique character of Fremont Street, so I think a Fear the Walking Dead attraction will be a perfect fit for the Downtown Las Vegas area. There’s nothing like a few zombies to liven up an area.