Red Nose Day contest: Meet The Walking Dead star Andrew Lincoln

Andrew Lincloln in Love Actually, Universal Pictures
Andrew Lincloln in Love Actually, Universal Pictures /

Fans of The Walking Dead star Andrew Lincoln can have a chance to meet the actor through a contest through Love Actually, Omaze, and Red Nose Day.

Fans of The Walking Dead know Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, but before that he was part of a fantastic film titled Love Actually where he worked with actress Keira Knightley and director Richard Curtis to create a romantic masterpiece.

Curtis is not only a director. He is also a well known philanthropist known for creating massively popular charity fundraisers such as Comic Relief and Red Nose Day. And with the U.S. version of Red Nose Day coming up, there is a fun opportunity coming up for fans of Andrew Lincoln.

Curtis, Lincoln, and Knightley have partnered with Omaze to give one lucky fan a chance of a lifetime. Now through May 30, 2017, fans can enter to win a trip for 2 to London, England to meet the stars and get some unique items.

Here is the video promoting the charitable drawing as hosted on the In Style website:

Entries for the drawing can be purchased at the Omaze website with the contributions going to charity. Here is a complete list of the experiences that the lucky fan and their plus-one can enjoy as the winner:

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  • Get flown out to London and put up in a 4-star hotel
  • Be met at the airport by Andrew Lincoln holding a sign with your name on it
  • Go on a Love Actually tour with Andrew and director Richard Curtis
  • Meet Keira Knightley for tea somewhere incredibly posh

In addition to these amazing experiences, the drawing winner will also receive one of the large cue cards used by Lincoln and autographed by the actor himself and likely many other interesting and unique items that fans will actually love.

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Of course, fans of Keira Knightley and Andrew Lincoln will likely ask about their other projects such as her Pirates of the Caribbean films and his work on The Walking Dead, but the real winners here are the charities being helped by these stars of Love Actually, Omaze, and Red Nose Day.