The Walking Dead: Here’s the new remix of “Easy Street”

Eugene (Josh McDermitt) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), The Walking Dead, AMC, via (Uploader: Cass)
Eugene (Josh McDermitt) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), The Walking Dead, AMC, via (Uploader: Cass) /

In case you haven’t heard enough of “Easy Street” there’s a new remix that you have to hear. It might be just what you need to get through The Walking Dead break.

The Walking Dead may be known for life in the apocalypse, fighting Walkers and battling other people who want to take your stuff, but season 7 gave us something else: “Easy Street.” The catchy song might seem out of place in the middle of Negan’s Sanctuary, but the song is actually perfect — as a torture device.

Now that season 7 is over, a former Swedish soccer player and current DJ, AronChupa, has released a remix of the song that makes it even catchier, if such a thing was even possible.

“Easy Street” was written by the Collapsable Hearts Club. Writer Jim Bianco said he didn’t understand why The Walking Dead producers wanted to use his song for such a show, but after seeing what they did with it, he said it made perfect sense:

"“I think the show used it brilliantly; framing such an upbeat song as a torture device is a work of genius by the music supervisor. We’re happy to be a part of such creative use of music in such an iconic show.”"

If you need to break someone like Daryl, you need to be creative because he’s a tough guy. That’s why Negan chose to blast an upbeat and chipper song like “Easy Street” while Daryl was eating dog food in a blackened cell. The song was particularly poignant because Daryl had just witnessed the brutal deaths of two of his friends, Glenn and Abraham. In fact, Negan blamed Daryl for Glenn’s death because Daryl broke his rules.

On the other hand, Eugene found the song to be rather catchy, catchy enough to bob his mulleted head to the beat.

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We likely won’t hear “Easy Street” again in season 8 as All Out War begins, but it’s fun to relive the memories. And if you like the remix by AronChupa, you can pick it up on Amazon using THIS LINK!