The Walking Dead: The many faces of Judith

Judith - The Walking Dead, AMC
Judith - The Walking Dead, AMC /

It’s hard enough to raise a baby in the zombie apocalypse, and it’s even harder to have one on a television show. Here’s how The Walking Dead did it.

Unlike her brother Carl on The Walking Dead, Baby Judith hasn’t exactly grown up before our eyes. Technically she has grown as a character, but we haven’t been watching the same baby grow up. Many fans don’t realize that we have seen 16 actors in the role of Baby Judith since she was born in season 3.

Since her birth, Judith has always been played by sets of twins, and these twins have been changed to account for her growth through the seasons. When one baby gets fussy on set, another takes her place so that the scene can continue filming. Over the years we have seen 16 different babies playing Judith, making up those eight sets of twins.

In a lot of ways, it’s probably easier working with Shiva (or the man in the blue unitard) than it is with the Babies Judith.

Chandler Riggs has even joked on set that he tries not to get attached to any of the babies because they get swapped out so frequently. Chloe and Sofia Garcia-Frizzi have been portraying Judith since season 6, making them the longest running duo to play the role. There’s no word yet if they’ll be back in season 8.

So far the writers and showrunners have done an admirable job keeping a baby safe in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Judith has seen her fair share of Walkers, nutjob kids, and even one of the most surreal experiences of all — spaghetti dinner with Negan. But there is another baby on the way, and this process is about to repeat itself all over again. Will Maggie’s baby have the same good luck as Little Ass Kicker?

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