All named character deaths from The Walking Dead season 4

The Walking Dead season 4 title - AMC
The Walking Dead season 4 title - AMC /
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Rick Grimes with a pig - The Walking Dead, AMC
Rick Grimes with a pig – The Walking Dead, AMC /

Porkchop, Bandit, and Truffle

  • Played by: An assortment of piglets
  • Introduced: Episode 401 “30 Days Without An Accident”
  • Died: Episode 402 “Infected”

One of the best times for The Walking Dead was when Rick Grimes had the prison working efficiently. They were growing crops and had livestock to act as food and fertilizer. The pigs were the prized animals on hand.

Walkers were surrounding the fence of the prison and it looked like the walls wouldn’t stand. In an act of desperation, Rick got in the back of a truck with the piglets and slit them open, making a trail of pork for the walkers to feast on and led them away from the community.

This worked, as Glenn and Sasha were able to get some beams on the fence to help hold it in place. However, the argument as to whether or not the pigs were carrying the disease or not is one that is still debated to this day.

No matter if the pigs brought the disease to the prison or the survivors accidentally gave it to them, Porkchop, Bandit, and Truffle gave their lives for the rest of the community. I guess you could say, they saved their bacon. (Sorry about the bad pun)