All named character deaths from The Walking Dead season 4

The Walking Dead season 4 title - AMC
The Walking Dead season 4 title - AMC /
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Ana - The Walking Dead, AMC
Ana – The Walking Dead, AMC /


  • Played by: Brina Palencia
  • Introduced: Episode 404 “Indifference”
  • Died: Episode 404 “Indifference”

When introduced, Ana and her boyfriend Sam seemed like some peace-loving hippies. She was at a refugee center where a fire broke out. People scrambled to the exits, trampling her on their way and doing major damage to her leg.

Her leg never did heal right, and that made her movement slow. After meeting up with Sam, the two relied on each other for survival. When scavenging in a house, Sam and Ana got trapped in a bathroom by a walker.

Rick and Carol eliminate the walker, and Ana offers to give them some fruit as a way of saying thanks. They seem like good people, so Rick hopes to bring them back to the prison to join the group.

Ana went to check out a greenhouse for more fruit, but didn’t make it back. Her inability to escape the walkers made her an easy target, with Rick and Carol finding her leg and later finding the rest of her being devoured.