All named character deaths from The Walking Dead season 4

The Walking Dead season 4 title - AMC
The Walking Dead season 4 title - AMC /
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Hershel Greene - The Walking Dead, AMC
Hershel Greene – The Walking Dead, AMC /

Hershel Greene

  • Played by: Scott Wilson
  • Introduced: Episode 202 “Bloodletting”
  • Died: Episode 408 “Too Far Gone”

After Carl was accidentally shot by Otis while hunting, the wounded boy was brought to Hershel for medical attention. A former veterinarian, the owner of the Green family farm had enough medical knowledge to be able to perform the procedure to save his life.

Hershel was hesitant to let Rick and his group stay with his family, but eventually agreed since his daughter Maggie was growing close to Glenn and he appreciated them pitching in to work around the farm.

Over the course of his time on the show, Hershel was always dealing with his own demons. He could be seen dealing with morality and ethical dilemmas, some of which others weren’t giving a second thought to. He became the voice of reason for the community after Dale was killed by walkers.

The prison would be the final resting place for Hershel. He was taken captive by The Governor and used as a pawn the incite the violence of Rick’s group. He hacked through Mr. Green’s neck in front of everyone, leaving his head to reanimate and be stabbed by Michonne.