All named character deaths from The Walking Dead season 4

The Walking Dead season 4 title - AMC
The Walking Dead season 4 title - AMC /
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Lilly Chambler - The Walking Dead, AMC
Lilly Chambler – The Walking Dead, AMC /

Lilly Chambler

  • Played by: Audrey Marie Anderson
  • Introduced: Episode 406 “Live Bait”
  • Died: Episode 408 “Too Far Gone”

When it comes to survivors with value, Lilly was one of the best. Her medical training made her a great addition to any group of survivors, she looked at the world with optimism, and did anything she could to prevent any harm to her family.

Lilly had a daughter named Meghan and a sister named Tara. They were all taking care of the patriarch of the family named David, who was fighting a battle with terminal cancer. After he passed, the family left with The Governor to find safety in numbers.

Later on, her daughter is overtaken by walkers and she starts to noticeably start losing control of herself. The situation gets even worse when she watches The Governor decapitate Hershel outside of the prison.

She watched Michonne stab The Governor through the chest with her sword, and finished off the man she knew as “Brian” with a shot through the head. Later on, Glenn tells Tara that Lilly allowed herself to be devoured by walkers after that moment, giving up on her own life.