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The Walking Dead season 4 title - AMC
The Walking Dead season 4 title - AMC /
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Charlie - The Walking Dead, AMC
Charlie – The Walking Dead, AMC /


  • Played by: Royce Beggs
  • Introduced: Episode 402 “Infected”
  • Died: Episode 402 “Infected”

Introduced as one of the new survivors to the prison in season 4, there wasn’t a lot known about Charlie. It was documented that he had a sleep condition that caused him to go for walks during his slumber, but otherwise he was a mystery.

Charlie was sick, and knew that he was going to die soon. He wanted to protect himself from the sick that might die as well as others if he started to sleepwalk, so he locked himself in one of the prison cells.

One night, he passed away inside the cell and came back as a member of the undead. From inside the bars, he was not a major threat to any survivors nearby and was eventually put to rest by Rick Grimes.

After the zombified Charlie was killed, the body was given to Dr. Subramanian for evaluation. After analysis, it was determined that the flu had become deadly and now the concern of the sickness spreading around the prison was at an all-time high level.