Happy Mother’s Day to the Moms of The Walking Dead universe

Lauren Cohan as Maggie Rhee, The Walking Dead -- AMC
Lauren Cohan as Maggie Rhee, The Walking Dead -- AMC /

From Moms we love and Moms we love to hate, Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Moms in The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead universe!

Being a mom is a tough job, but motherhood in the zombie apocalypse is even harder. The Moms of The Walking Dead universe do the best they can with what they have to work with.

Though Carol lost her daughter Sophia early on in the show, she still wears her Mom Hat even though she would prefer to be left alone. Now that she’s back in the fight, helping Ezekiel lead the charge in the Kingdom, she’s more of a Queen Mum than anything else. Carol has been known to teach very important life lessons to the children she has encountered, including Lizzie and Sam, and she makes a killer casserole.

Michonne lost her own child but gained two children when she became part of Rick’s family. In reality, she and Carl bonded before she ever bonded with Rick, and it was Carl’s attachment that endeared her to Rick. When their relationship was discovered the night Jesus arrived, Carl gave his father his blessing for the relationship because he was already counting Michonne as part of the inner circle. Michonne is a fierce fighter, but she draws strength from protecting her family.

Maggie will be the newest member of the The Walking Dead Mom’s Club, and with so many solid examples of great moms in her new life, she will no doubt be a great mother to Baby Rhee.

When it comes to moms we love to hate, we have to give props to Madison from Fear the Walking Dead. In fairness, when we first met Lori and Carol on The Walking Dead they were already knee-deep in the apocalypse and knew how to survive. Madison had to figure things out as she went, and though she was in denial for a great while, she eventually pulled her head out of the sand and is coming into her own. She still makes mistakes, but she’s human and she’s a mother, and right now her children are separated and she wants them back home, which exactly what a Mom would do: Fight for her children.

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The Walking Dead has given us some great Moms in the middle of the apocalypse, and on this Mother’s Day we raise a toast to those who have departed and those who are still fighting the fight.